LAUNDRY TIME adventures wins NAPPA GOLDnappa gold award

The National Parenting Publications Awards for Parenting Resources showcase the best in books, CDs, baby gear and innovative products that help make parenting easier and more fun. Now in its 18th year, NAPPA is the most comprehensive awards program for Children’s Products and Parenting Resources. The independent panel of judges are experts in their fields with extensive professional experience working with children and parents. They evaluate hundreds of products to select the most fun, appealing, safe, educational, age-appropriate and enduring products so that parents can make the best purchasing choices for their families.

NAPPA is one of the oldest, most-comprehensive and most selective awards program of its kind. Now entering its 17th year, a NAPPA recognition is more than just a seal of approval; it means that a product has been expertly judged against comparable products and been deemed “best of the best.” Typically, fewer than 1 in 10 NAPPA entries earns the coveted NAPPA Gold Award.

The LAUNDRY TIME BOOK will be featured in over 40 regional parenting publications as well as on in November, 2008.

eebee laundry time
eebee’s LAUNDRY TIME adventures

Your baby can learn anywhere and anytime …even laundry time. This adventure puts a fresh spin on learning from that everyday task. Help your baby take the two, tethered terry-cloth towels from a mesh laundry bag and put them “into the washer.” Spin the peek-a-boo washing-wheel around to see what else is in the wash. Hang eebee’s striped pj’s on the line and then open the dresser drawers to put the laundry away. You can end this adventure by wrapping a small, cloth eebee doll into a soft fuzzy blanket or take the real pair of baby socks tucked into the book’s cover and create your baby’s own laundry adventures.

Help your baby explore words, sound, and textures, develop motor skills, play imaginatively…and get the laundry done!