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Early learning experts agree that one of the best ways to help your baby to develop language skills is simply to talk to your baby. Describe what you are doing; describe what he or she is doing; talk about what’s going on in your environment—if the telephone or doorbell rings, talk about it… “Ring ring…the telephone is ringing. Mommy’s going to answer the phone….” Talk about everything, from diapering the baby, to bathing the baby, to filling a bottle, to washing dishes.

Singing to your baby also has some wonderful language skill-building benefits. Babies love music and also love the sound of your voice…don’t worry about what you think you sound like, your baby adores your voice, and will enjoy the intimacy, the eye contact, and the familiar, warm exchange. When you sing, especially simple songs—old favorites, or ones that you make up—you’ll be emphasizing and exaggerating the sounds and words you are singing and raising your baby’s awareness of all of the different little sounds that go into forming words. Singing can make language come alive!

eebee babble song

Babies babble. It’s the way they learn to make sounds using their own voices. By repeating the sounds your baby makes, and extending them into words you can help your baby to recognize the sounds that are used to create language…and ultimately begin to associate these different sounds with the words that name objects in his/her world.

This idea was the inspiration for the eebee theme song. We wanted to create a simple “babble” song that parents could customize with a wide range of sounds, names, and objects…and get a little silly.

If you and your baby don’t already know the eebee babble boogie (eebee’s theme song),visit to listen. Once you’re familiar with the song, change the sounds around…from eebee, bee bee bee bee bee bee baby to mama, mama, mama or dada dada dada…try your baby’s name; a sibling’s name. Point to or touch the toys, objects and people you’re singing about…even singing about a “pillow, pillow, pillow, pillow, pillow” can be fun.

And remember, all that matters to your baby is that you’re singing, interacting, and sharing the moment. Make up your own lyrics, make up your own melody. Just sing!