Do Babies All Have to Be Einsteins?

eebee blocksIf you gave birth within the last ten years, the odds are about 4 in 5 that you’ve got one of those make your baby a rocket scientist DVDs on your shelf. Because even if you steered away from such things yourself, someone else thought it was a fabulous shower gift. Am I right?

Babies really don’t care about learning to count in a dozen languages. Babies dig watching other babies – especially when those other babies are doing cool things like crawling through tunnels, banging spoons against pots, and noticing their own shadows. eebee’s adventures, a new DVD series from people with a common sense approach that sane moms will dig, offers this very thing. Their three DVDs feature wee tots exploring their world alongside a charming (and natural for a change!) young woman and her little puppet, eebee. The idea is that kids can learn from watching–and then doing themselves.

Any infant or toddler, whether destined to be a MENSA member or not, will totally enjoy these shows. I know mine did. Let’s save the cramming for college. -Julie