I know, I said it was Book Review Week, but I’m going to review one DVD series this week, and this is it.

Eebee is a funny little puppet that plays and explores and discovers everyday objects. There are no ABC’s and 123’s in this series. This series is all about showing babies (and adults) how to play and explore and do the things that babies and toddlers are supposed to do.

Why do I think so highly of this series? After spending two years in an orphanage, TwinkleToes had a lot to learn about what it means to be in a family. She watched her sister interact with us and copied a lot of what she did, and she copied us when we played, but there was still something missing. She was not your “normal” two year old when she played. She wasn’t even playing like an 8 or 9 month old because she never just saw something and went to investigate it or even pointed that she wanted to see it.

And then I found Eebee, and TwinkleToes watched, and something finally clicked in her little head and she started exploring and playing and taking the initiative to go investigate things all on her own (making sure we were close by, of course).

Another bonus is that the show gave GlitterGirl ideas of how to play and interact with her sister. She was trying to do that before of course, but once she started following the patterns in the Eebee series her sister actually responded by playing back with her for longer periods of time which was a huge accomplishment for GlitterGirl.

We’ve had a lot of fun in our family copying the things that Eebee does. GlitterGirl loves to watch the shows with her little sister, too. She even asks to watch Eebee instead of some of her big girl shows because she loves watching them with her sister.

Going from life in an orphanage to life in a family is a huge step. So many babies spend their lives in the same two or three rooms in the orphanage with only some walkers and a few hard toys that everyone shares. They spend their time either in their crib or in the potty seat or in a walker and never have an opportunity to just get down and explore. No wonder some of them have a hard time figuring out how to explore their world. Eebee can help.