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Eebee’s Adventures Review & Giveaway

With so many products out there that profess they can help educate your child one begins to wonder what you actually need to have. From what I can tell, myself and those of my generation have turned out ok and we certainly didn’t have DVDs. There was however a lot of interaction with my mom and my grandmother because that’s just how things were done back then. In the first few years children learn by watching, doing and of course interaction with a parent or grandparent is the key to that. Which brings me to this question. Can parents or grandparents spend quality time with their child or grandchild while watching a DVD? The answer is very simply, yes.Earlier in the week I told you about Eebee and Eebee’s Adventures. What I like about Eebee’s Adventures is that it takes things back to the basics. They use simple concepts and present them in a fun entertaining way. I have gotten to take a look at the 3 DVDs that are in the series. What impresses me the most is that everything is simple and is based on research of how a baby learns and grows. Each DVD is broken down into three 10 minute adventures along with some bonus features such as Play by Play guides with expert commentary and original songs and music. Eebee’s Adventures has also won several awards; DVD of the Year from Parenting Magazine, the Parents’ Choice Award and has the approval of the National Parenting Center.More about the DVDs:
Exploring Real Stuff is all about exploration. Finding out what things are like. How does something feel or what happens when you do this or that.
All In A Days Play is about interaction with things that a baby comes into contact with on a daily basis. The pots and pans that you have in your cabinets may not seem like much but they can be very interesting. Putting things in and taking them out or even the sounds that they can make.
Figuring Things Out is about just that. Taking natural curiousity and putting new found skills to the test.

The Eebee’s Adventures DVDs retail for $17.95 each or as a set for $48.45. There are also books, toys and even clothing available.

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