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Eebee Adventures Review and Giveaway! (US and Canada)

Eebee Adventures will capture your child’s attention by showing Eebee play with normal household objects. During the course of each adventure you will also see real life toddlers participating in each activity also. Some of the activities shown in the movie include playing in cereal, playing peek-a-boo, knocking the sippy cup on the floor, fun with a flashlight and lots more.Eebee Adventures encourages parent and child interaction by showing lots of different ways to interact with your children. One of the bonus features included on each DVD are explanations for why each activity will help promote your child’s development. The best thing about this is that the activities are all expensive and mostly use items that you will already have in your home. With the current state of the economy finding inexpensive ways to interact with our children and while promoting development is crucial.

Eebee adventures also has many other products available that promote parent and child interaction. We were lucky enough to be able to review the Eebee puppet along with the dvds. There are lots of other products available and I will definitely be checking them out before Brea’s next birthday!

Eebee Adventures also has a music bonus feature where each activity is shown as a music video. This is great to play while you and your child are doing some of the activities shown. Or if your child is like mine and loves music they may just enjoy watching the music videos!

Our Opinion of Eebee Adventures . . .

I love that this promotes parent and child interaction and Brea and I will definitely be trying out some of the activities. I think one of the first ones on our list would have to be the laundry play. I am hoping that while we are playing I can figure out a way to get the laundry folded too! I also love that even though it is beneficial to me it still keeps Brea occupied while I get a few things done around the house (or the blog!)

Brea appears to be fascinated with Eebee and even asks to watch it on a regular basis. Eebee usually holds her attention throughout the adventures. Although she is 22 months old so this is not always the case. I have to say that for it to hold her attention for anytime at all says a whole lot.

Brea and I both enjoy playing with the puppet. She thinks Eebee is great and usually we play a tickle game with the puppet. She loves to be “tickle”

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