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As you all know I pride myself on finding new products for Isabella to enjoy that are both fun and educational so I am extremely excited to share with you one of my newest discoveries an amazing line called, Eebee’s Adventures! Not only is the Eebee’s Adventure line educational for your children, but your living room / bedroom / kitchen (wherever you choose) will be transformed into a new world for them as they literally go on an adventure filled with learning and fun!

Now I could go on and on explaing to you how Eebee’s Adventures are designed to help your baby learn from first-hand experience what happens when she/he plays with this line by using all of her/his senses, but instead of that please check out the link so you can learn more about Eebee’s Adventures from Eebee himself! :)

Hope you enjoy this video as much as I did and continue to check back on my site as there may be a special surprise! :)

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