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Eebee Adventures Review and Giveaway

Let me Introduce to you one of my daughters favorite friends:
This is Eebee

“eebee bee-bee bee-bee bee-bee baby, eebee bee-bee bee-bee baby boo, eebee bee-bee bee bee-bee baby, eebee bee-bee baby, I love you!”

The first couple of days I was home with my daughter from the hospital I had no clue what to do with her. I mean I read all these parenting blogs and magazines on how to care for a baby. So I was completely comfortable with caring for her. I had no doubt in my mind I would be a good mom to her. What I mean is as I sat on the couch I thought should I play with her or watch kiddy shows or put her in the swing? I said to myself “let me see if there are any kiddy shows for her.” I had time warner at the time and went to kids on demand. That is when I first discovered Eebee. She was still quite young for him but I decided this is someone I want my daughter to get to know.

From the moment I turned it on I fell in love with the little guy. He is so colorful and friendly looking. I thought he was someone my daughter would be able to relate to when as she got older, and he was. As Rose got older she was able to relate to Eebee as being one of her peers. Eebee speaks in baby talk as his friend Kristy who is an adult teaches him all sorts of things and encourages him through positive reinforcement. Kristy is to Eebee what I am to Rose. For her first Christmas/ Hannakah Rose was about 3 months. We bought Rose an Eebee Doll . When she opened him she was in awe. He was pretty much as big as she was. Colorful and friendly looking, she was as in love with him as I was. I remember sitting with Rose on the floor with tissue paper as she immitated Eebee tearing up tissue paper on TV. She would look at the Eebee doll next to her then the Eebee doll on TV with disbelief. She thought it was very funny that he was with her and on TV. Now her Eebee doll sits at the table with her to have a tea party and she sits him to play as she plays toys. (Some may say she needs a sibling)

Rose watching eebee Adventures with eebee
When I came across @eebeebaby on twitter, I was excited to ask them if I could review their items on my blog. I am totally excited and I hope all of you are too!

About Eebee Adventures: Eebee Adventures are based on the latest research in child development. The best way for your child to learn is through play. Eebee is a charater that your child can watch on TV and play along with. He experiments with things the same way that your child does and teached them to think outside the box.

It is important for your child to learn their ABC’s and 123’s but Eebee teaches them other essentials of development by focusing on social, physical and cognitive skills.

I am extremely excited to have gotten in the mail I received three Eebee DVD’s to review. Each of the DVD’s are broken down into three 30 minute segments.
1- All in a Days Play
2- Exploring Real Stuff
3- Figuring Things Out

I sat down with my husband and my daughter Rose who is 21 months to review the DVD’s with me.

*The first DVD we watched was All in a Days Play. This DVD is for ages 6 months and up.
The three segments are Laundry List, Just You and Me, and Little Objects, Big Ideas
*The second DVD we watched was Exploring Real Stuff. This DVD is for ages 6 months and up.

The three segments are Brimming With Ideas, Out of the Box, and On a Roll
*The third DVD we watched was Figuring Things Out. This DVD is for ages 12 months and up.
The three segments are The Lightbulb Goes On, Blocking and Tackling Ideas, and On The Go
Eebee Adventures are created for children 6 months and up. Rose is 21 months and already talking. Rose enjoyed watching eebee and watching kids around her age on TV playing, learning and discovering new things. She related to the adult Kristy as Eebee’s Mom. Whenever Kristy wasn’t on screen she would ask “where is eebee’s mama?” Eebee Adventures is like watching a mom play with her child on TV, learning and discovering new things. We also loved the original music on the DVD. Everytime the music would come on, Rose would get up and dance to it. Eebee Adventures gave us new ideas on playing.
The DVD also has bonus features which give parents a lot of insight on child development and helps parents understand their child better.

Check out this ParentsTV interview with Stephen Gass, the co-founder and president of Eebee’s Aventures. In this interview he explains what Eebee is all about.

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