Family Ties and Growing Pains: Eebee’s Adventures

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I was very excited to hear that Sterling Company recently published two beautiful new board books from Every Baby Company: Eebee Adventures Make it Happen and From Here to There. Both board books are beautifully photographed and priced at $6.95. They are for ages 6 months and up. Every Baby company is an award winning infant and toddler brand.

I was given the opportunity to review these two new books from Eebee’s Adventures. Every Baby Company sent me a free copy of each to review. I must begin by saying that love everything that Eebee represents. He represents the importance of children learning through play. Eebee shows how children learn through exploration and discovery. There is something about eebee that makes children love him. My daughter will be two in a couple of weeks and was very very excited once she saw these books.

Eebee’s Make it Happen and From Here to Thereteach children through play just like the dvd’s do. The books are very colorful. They shows eebee along with other children discovering new things. Make it Happenshows opposites by displaying different activities such as turning a flashlight on and off. From Here to Thereshows how things get from one place to another, such as toddlers discovering stairs and slides.

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