Review: eebee’s Adventures – Laundry Time book

We kid tested and parent tested this Laundry Time book. My nephew spent almost a whole hour playing with this book. He is an extremely smart kid and he’s already addicted to books. (This was inevitable because I’m his aunt.) This book is an interactive way to teach a children how to do laundry. When you open the book, the first page has a laundry bag (pouch) that contains 2 towels (the square cloth feels the same way a towel feels, which will get your child familiar with them). Then you take the towels out of the laundry bag and place them in the machine (this page has a hole in it to put the towels through). There are pair of pj’s on the next page that your child places on the clothes line (there is velcro on the pj’s and below the clothes line to keep the pj’s on the line.) Then your child will take the clothes off of the clothes line and put them away (there are 2 pouches, the top one is for the shirt because the ribbon attached to the shirt is short and the bottom one is for the pants because the ribbon attached to the pants is longer.) The last step is for your child to tuck eebee in with a very soft blanket.

Damien really enjoyed this book. I’m definitely going to have to get him some more eebee books because not only do they entertain him, they work his brain.

If I didn’t convince you that eebee is wonderful, maybe this will. Laundry Time won the National Publications Awards for Parenting Resources. You can read the full details here.

So far eebee’s has received an A++ from a mom, an aunt, and a grandma. I can’t wait to see what new products they will produce.

Thank you to Rebeca from Flair Public Relations and Every Baby Company for sending me this DVD to review.

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