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Embark on an adventure with eebee

Who’s eebee?

Have you met eebee?

Chances are you will soon, especially if a toddler or baby lives under your roof.

Eebee is a neither male nor female. Eebee does not represent a specific race or culture.

But that doesn’t mean the character isn’t colorful. With limbs that are red, yellow, purple and blue and with spiky multicolored hair, eebee can stop little viewers in their tracks.

Thanks to a partnership with American Forces Network (AFN), “eebee’s adventures” will be broadcast twice daily to nearly 1 million military families stationed overseas.

Stephen Gass, co-creator of “eebee’s adventures” and president of Every Baby Co., is excited about eebee’s new playmates.

Gass brings to the show 20 years of experience in children’s media and educational product development. A child psychologist and former director of education for Sesame Place, Gass began to see that the infant media market seemed overly serious.

Television shows and DVDs geared toward toddlers and babies focused on either classical music segments, repetition of numbers and letters, or intense graphics and busy screens.

“What seemed to be missing was somebody saying that it’s OK to just interact and have fun,” Gass said.

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