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A while back I wrote a post about eebee. Little did I know eebee would soon take over our lives. Jake doesn’t really speak all that well yet but is able to say “eebee” though it comes out a little more like “bee-bee”. All we hear from the moment he gets up in the morning to when he goes to bed is, “bee-bee, bee-bee, bee-bee” He points to the TV and demands that we put the DVD on.

Jake sleeps with his eebee doll, so when the wonderful people at Every baby’s Adventuresoffered to send me the Snuggle Time eebee I thought this would solve the problem I knew was just around the corner. You know, when Luke decides he wants to sleep with Jake’s eebee? Snuggle Time eebee is a “soft, richly textured, and colorful friend is designed to engage your baby in a range of simple games and explorations, from hugging to gentle tugging, from peek-a-boo to puppet-time with you.” It really is super soft and cuddly. It also has little crinkly corners which Luke loves to crunch in his hands. It is now Luke’s lovey so crisis averted. Each child now owns their own eebee. Whew.

One of the great benefits of the eebee DVDs is how much Jake has learned. Yes, he has learned from them. One of the DVDs shows children scooping and pouring things out, transferring rice or cereal from one container to another. Jake now uses this skill with water, his snacks (which is a little messy but that is ok) and his toys. It is so wonderful to see his little brain working.

I don’t feel too guilty leaving him to watch an eebee DVD while I do the dishes or laundry. Though I will admit, I don’t get the appeal. I mean, eebee isn’t flashy or fast. In the DVDs, things move nice and slow, but the songs are catchy and I dare you not to find yourself singing, “The eebee Babble” at random times throughout the day. The ebee doll and snuggle time ebee don’t talk or dance. And it is nice to see a child be entertained by something that doesn’t need batteries.

Jake also loves books. He will generally pass up all the toys and head straight for a book to play with. He now has 3 great eebee books: All About Me and You Adventures, Bath Time Adventures, and Laundry Time Adventures. The All About Me and You book is a board book with a mirror so that your child can see themselves do the things eebee tells him to do, like point at your nose and wave bye-bye. Bath Time Adventures is a book you can take in the bath! How cool is that? It squirts and squeeks as you go through the pages. But by far my favorite book is Laundry Time Adventures.

Laundry Time Adventures is an award-winning book (NAPPA Gold) where your child gets to do the laundry, eebee style. Children take the soft towels out of the laundry bag and put them “into the washer.” Spin the peek-a-boo washing-machine wheel to wash the laundry; hang eebee’s pajamas on the line; then put them away in the drawers. When the laundry’s done, they tuck eebee under a fluffy, fleece blanket. If only doing the real laundry was as much fun!

eebee has become like a 4th child around here. Which is fine with me. eebee doesn’t throw fits and never has to be changed. If only all my children were as well-behaved.

You can purchase eebee products online at the eebee website.

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