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Eebees Adventures DVDs Review & Giveaway (Ends 8/14)

I know I shouldn’t let my kids watch television, but I do and thankfully there are so many great shows and DVDs. We tried Baby Einstein with my first son when he was little and it was okay for a while, but now I was introduced to Eebees Adventures, and my boys love it! With 75 minutes of video, these videos are so great and have so much to offer children!

Eebees Adventures is based on actual research of how babies learn and grow to form a foundation for future learning. By encouraging active learning and focusing on developmental skills, each DVD adventure contains real-world situations that babies can see and understand. By watching what the kids in the videos are doing, I think it is easier for the kids watching to learn from them and for some reason babies love people watching!

Gavin (12 months) and Aidan (29 months) have been watching these DVDs for a few days now and they seem to really enjoy them. We received three of Eebees Adventures to check out: Figuring Things Out (12 months and up), All In A Day’s Play (6 months and up), and Exploring Real Stuff (6 months and up). Throughout the videos there are kids building, playing music, experimenting with textures and surfaces, and basically doing everything your kids are trying to do!

Eebees Adventures also received the “National Parenting Center Seal of Approval,” amongst their many other awards won. Since it is not a cartoon, but actual kids playing and learning, I think that is why my kids enjoy it more. Cartoons all blend together and when my boys watch them, they get like a blank stare, but with Eebee’s Adventures both boys are really paying attention and trying to learn and mimic the kids.

I love their motto too: “Adventures for a baby? Absolutely. Every day. Everywhere. Every baby.” So if you are looking for something new, fun, and creative for your child to watch then I highly recommend Eebees Adventures. You can also check out a post I did a few weeks ago introducing Eebee!

BUY IT: You can buy Eebees Adventure at the Eebee Adventure’s website or look for it at your favorite book store!

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