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Activity books: Eebee’s adventures

Eebee Adventure books are good first reads for babies and toddlers. I’ve never heard of Eebee until I got to look through some of books.

Laundry Time Adventures is perfect for babies to hold. Each soft page contains an activity with helping Eebee. Place the towels in the washer, watch the washing machine wheel move round and round, hang clothes on the line, and open and close the drawers.

The Have A Ball Adventures is fun to play with too. Place the ball through the basketball hop, put it in the wagon and make it go down a slide.

There’s also bath books. Kids will like squirting the water out of the shower head and making the shampoo bottle squeak.

Celebrity moms Brooke Shields and Jennifer Lopez are Eebee fans too. The books are $14.95 each and can be bought at

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