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Nutrition for your baby is a worrisome topic, especially when it comes to actually getting them to eat what you want to them to.  Eebee’s Adventures, a company aimed at helping babies experience learning first-hand, has come up with a fun and creative way to get babies to enjoy eating, and also create a learning experience that is fun and tasty: let them cook with you!

The mix and mash recipe book, the first Mom and baby cookbook to be published, comes with a play-by-play DVD for Moms and helpful hints on when your baby is ready for solid foods.  The DVD, which was co-produced with Parents TV, outlines the nutritional benefits of each recipe as well as the lessons you can have with your children while preparing each dish.  These lessons are affectionately called “eebee moments” and are also being featured on Parents TV.

The book is printed on baby board book stock, so it will be sturdy enough to withstand your cooking adventures with a little one! The recipes are for babies 6 months and older and they range from to-fee finger food (cinnamon and ginger covered tofu) to blueb-eebee soup (a syrupy mix of blueberries babies can scoop on their own).  Each recipe is designed to encourage a playful interaction between you and your child and also sets the stage for valuable lessons to easily take place.  For example, by encouraging your child to help you “mix and mash” the foods, you will be able to discuss words, colors, sounds, shapes, and textures all while having fun making healthy food!

You can purchase this book at check out Eebee’s other products on Amazon or  In the words of the creators, “if you can mash it, smash it, oosh it, goosh it, shake it, coat it or stir it, your baby can participate in the process of preparing meals.”

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