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I will admit that I let my 10 month old watch more TV than I should. We usually have the TV on while he is playing, and sometimes he gets interested on what we are watching, but usually he doesn’t pay much attention. I was happy to receive some eebee’s adventures DVDs to review, because if he is going to watch the TV, I feel good if it’s something to help his development.
Eebee’s adventures are designed to help a baby learn through play. The great thing is that eebee’s adventures encourage and show how parents can get involved. These DVDs focus on developmental skills that baby’s use for the foundation of all future learning.
When I showed Max the videos, he absolutely was enthralled by them. He stood and watched eebee and the baby’s on the screen with such focus. I have never seen anything like it. It was adorable. I also really liked that the DVDs gave me LOTS of ideas on how to involve Max with everyday items, and how he can learn from them. We both had a lot of fun with these adventures.

Figuring Things Out focuses on the learning that happens when a baby’s developing motor skills support her new natural curiousity and new found independence. It uses fun activities like turing the light on and off, building with blocks, and scaling a pillow mountain.
Exploring Real Stuff eebee and playmates experiment with cups and scoops, paper and boxes, and balls and blocks to make a range of discoveries about the physical world around them.
All in a Day’s Play celebrates all of those teachable, unplanned learning moments that fill a baby’s day, like playing with the laundry, creating your own special games, or exploring sounds and music with pots, cups and a spoon.
I also received an eebee hand puppet. Max adores him, and he is quickly becoming a plush favorite. He loves to chew on eebee’s hair. 🙂
One lucky reader is going to win some eebee’s adventures DVDs!!

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