I recently introduced you to eebee’s adventures, a cute little colorful character with bright spikey hair. eebee’s adventures are designed to engage you and your baby with rich play experiences that provide powerful lessons that memorizing letters, numbers, colors and shapes simply can and do not. The DVD series gives parents the tools that allow you to explore along with your baby and making it possible for your little one to learn about whats going on in the world around them. Unlike most dvds available out there, eebee’s adventures, encourages the parents to interact with their children and have a hands on approach to playing and learning.

Watching and, importantly, “doing” eebee’s adventures will allow you and your baby to see and learn first-hand what happens when you explore a crinkly, crunchy, smooth and bumpy paper mountain or roll, bounce, bop, bang, slide and toss your way around a world of balls and ramps. eebee has books, DVDs, clothing, gift sets and even it’s very own eebee plush toy ! It is suitable for babies from 6months onwards. Even offered is an extremely cute eebee beanie, simply adorable!

Our take on eebee’s adventure…..

I loved it! eebee’s adventures is definitely a huge hit in our home. I have a 14 month old who like most babies is all over the place and into everything. I couldn’t wait to try the DVDs out on her and along with the interaction of the hand puppet we were sent. To my amazement my little one sat there and watched pretty much the entire movie, and for you mommies out there you know how rare that is. She bobbed her head to the catchy tunes and did a little dance. The hand puppet she just adores, with us using eebee hand puppet as a “tickle monster” or her older brother and sister putting on a show for us all. This series is like no other. I plan on trying many of the interactive play activities that they show on the dvds. I am all for interactive play with your children and allowing their little mines to explore. Simply “doing” is the best way to teach your children. We lead by example in our everyday life so why not while playing allow them to be involved with learning.

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