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I recently introduced you all to eebee. He’s an adorable character with really bright and fun clothing and spiky hair. And no, it’s not my Sophia! (Sorry babes, I had to!).Eebee’s Adventures is a DVD series featuring eebee, and it provides the tools to explore and learn the world around them. After all, from the moment they get uptil they go to bed, they are trying to take in everything they can about this new world. Am I right parents? They don’t stop! Yet, this is not just a turn it on and let the kids watch kind of DVD, Moms and Dads. These DVD’s encourage parents and babies to interact and play together, which enables babies to learn through this play.

We received the eebee threebee, the 3 series of DVD’s. Each of these DVD’s have three 10-minute adventures, with original music and lively songs. There is also commentary and interviews by developmental experts. There are many ideas for teching while play in these DVD’s. Some of them I have never thought of.

By Watching and doing together, eebee’s adventures allows babies to learn first-hand what happens when you explore. The idea and premise is simple really. After all, when the twins started banging toys on a container, it wasn’t just for fun. They were critically thinking, problem solving and exploring the sounds and the loudness. I could let them bang on that container, or I could actively increase this pattern by showing them the difference between the sounds on various sized bowls etc. Also using verbal skills, such as patting quietly and whispering and then banging and becoming excited, I could teach them the value of pitch, volume and cause and effect.

Eebee’s adventures acts on babies’ natural curiosities and encourages them to share discoveries and build upon social interaction. These DVD’s are the beginnings of complex thinkers, merely through play. And it’s fun and such a great way to bond with baby!

You can purchase eebee’s Adventures at Here’s a deal: purchase 3 DVDs and you’ll get Free Shipping AND 10% off! Check out their developmental toys, clothing, books and more!

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