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The boys are mesmerized by other children and bright colors. They also love playing with everyday items in our home, such as measuring cups, plastic bowls, paper, etc.

When I put in a DVD for them to watch during quiet time, I want to choose something age appropriate and something that will spark a smile or two. I want something that will actually interest them that doesn’t just include my own educational agenda. Recently, I found such a DVD.

My first born son makes this face when he loves something and every time his new friend comes on the screen, he makes this face. That means it’s a hit in his book. Have you heard of eebee’s adventures, created by Stephen Gass and Don Burton? I received their newest DVD set called the eebee threebee which includes these three DVDs: Exploring Real Stuff, All in a Day’s Play! and Figuring Things Out.

About each DVD from eebee:
Exploring Real Stuff
In this series of adventures, eebee and playmates explore a range of materials and everyday objects with the simple and enticing goal of finding out what these things are like. “What do things feel like?” “What sounds do they make?” “How do they move?” “Are they heavy or light?” “What can I do to them?” These are just a few of the questions eebee and friends actively take on.

Brimming with Ideas sets the adventure among tubs of cereal and grains, adding bowls, scoops, and funnels to enrich the possibilities.

In Out of the Box, a paper mountain and a cardboard box encourage infant “science,” “math,” and creative explorations.

And different balls, tubes, ramps, blocks and even a tissue box lead eebee and babies to discoveries about rolling, slipping and sliding in On a Roll.

All in a Day’s Play
The many teachable, unplanned and unscripted learning moments that fill a baby’s day are the inspiration for this DVD. No matter how ordinary the materials or the situation might seem, for a baby, the possibilities are anything but.

Laundry List, an adventure set in and around a laundry basket, features eebee in a world of colors, textures, and language explorations. From peek-a-boo to talking socks, from baby basketball to laundry basket sailboat, the list of ideas to explore can get long (and short, soft, stretchy, and even see-through.)

Just You & Me, a collection of mini-adventures, designed for a baby, grown-up and only the most basic materials, demonstrate that babies learn in the simplest situations: figuring out what will happen in game of “elevator” or “airplane;” hearing the same story read different ways; or playing silly games that reinforce social, emotional and cognitive skills.

Cups, bowls, pots, pans, and spoons are the central props eebee and babies rely on in Little Objects, Big Ideas. Putting things in and taking them out and hearing the sounds they make as they drop, move or meet one another, lead to musical exploration and some new ideas about containers and “the contained.”

Figuring Things Out
Reflecting the day to day challenges and discoveries that define a toddler’s world, FIGURING THINGS OUT showcases what can happen when a child’s newfound motor skills support her natural curiosity and interest in making things work and achieving goals.

Turning a light on and off, tracking a flashlight’s beam, and exploring the magic of playing with shadows are the focus of The Light Bulb Goes On adventure.

In Blocks and Tackling Ideas, creating (and crashing!) towers, laying rows, stacking cups and fitting different pieces together lead to a range physical, cognitive, social and creative skill building activities.

And in On the Go, a mountain of pillows, and a room full of obstacles to get over, under, around and through set the scene for an adventure that celebrates the ups and downs, ins and outs of getting where and what you want.

The boys love watching the shows. They love watching activities that are similar to activities they participate in daily. I love the encouraging adults in the videos as well. I think their favorite scene is when eebee crawls through the tunnel just like they do. They also love to bang pots with spoons and rip up paper just like their cute little puppet pal. These videos are not only cute, but engaging for my little ones. I think the eebee threebee would be a wonderful DVD set to give a child for Christmas or another gift giving occasion.

Buy: The eebee threebee is available for purchase at http://www.eebee.com/ for $48.45 with free shipping. Individual DVDs can be purchased for $17.95 each. While you’re there, check out the other eebee items such as the eebee doll (17″) and the eebee books.

You can also follow them on Twitter @eebeebaby and become a Facebook fan here.

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