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I think I have mentioned it before, but Tristan is a huge SpongeBob Squarepants fan.
He could watch SpongeBob all day long. He becomes so engrossed in it. Sometimes its the only way I can get him to eat. So what I am getting at is this……its time for a new show. I’ve been able to review the Eebee’s Adventures DVDs with Tristan and its been really fun for the both of us.

Eebee’s Adventures take you and your baby beyond letters,numbers, and simple shapes. Eebee’s Adventures start with a question such as:

How do I…? What happends when…? What if…? What if you…? What if it…?

Based on the latest research on how babies learna nd grow, Eebee’s Adventures focus on the important developmental skills that form in the foundation for all future learning.

Eebee’s Adventures encourage active learning, they are all about DOING!”

The three dvds we got were All in a days play, figuring things out!, and exploring real stuff.

Babies learn to turn lights on and off, build towers, and climb mountains!

Babies learn about the physical world around them by playing with cups, scoops, paper, boxes, balls, and blocks!

And so much more!

With Tristan developmentally delayed these are really right where he is when it comes to learning, and catching up. His favorite one is the Exploring real stuff dvd.

He loved it and laughed and when I was watching them with him he would sign “more” because he liked it so well. The fact they involved children/babies was great too.

These DVD’s would make a great baby shower gift for any new mom to be.

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