simple: Eebee’s Adventures – Board Books!

Board books have always been one of my girls first and favorite toys. Hopefully cultivating a lifetime of love for books, I always try to have tons on hand. An avid reader myself, I think my girls always wanted to mimic me, there for devouring their sturdy board books.

What makes a “good” board book? Having many years of board book turning under my belt, I think I’ve figured it out.

  • Fun colors
  • Easily identifiable images
  • large, clear fonts
  • Fantastic graphics or photographs

We’ve long been cheerleaders for anythingeebee’s – and they now have 2 new board books out. The newest edition to the eebee adventure family, Make it Happen and Here to There are board books that meet all my criteria for a good starter book.

Make it Happen is a book all about teaching opposites. Fun concepts are set to motion – turning on/off a flashlight or getting a cloth wet then drying it off. Here to There is all about about encouraging movement through simple activities – crawling on the blanket, then off again.

With his orange face and crazy hair, eebee will captivate your little baby with it’s beautiful pictures and easily tunable pages.

GET YOUR OWN! You can purchase both books ($6.95 each), Here to There and Make it happen on the Every Baby’s Adventure website or also at Barnes & Noble.

via simple: Eebee’s Adventures – Board Books!.