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the dirty shirteebee

Parents and babies alike will be captivated with the new, colorful and beautifully photographed books from eebee’s adventures. Like the award-winning screen adventures, these books were specifically designed to be playful, hands-on and interactive, providing babies, toddlers and their parents with a multitude of new ideas to explore both on and off the page.

eebee’s Make it Happen and From Here to There adventure board books are based on the award-winning brand, eebee’s adventures. Winner of 20 national parenting awards including NAPPA’s Gold Seal Award, Parent’s Choice Gold, and the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, and whole-heartedly acclaimed by popular mommy bloggers across the country, eebee’s adventures is the innovative and popular multi-platform infant and toddler brand for today’s active families.

Make It Happen

eebee’s Make it Happen adventures celebrates opposites by changing the world (at least from a baby’s point a view) through play, in true eebee style! This beautifully photographed book shows actively engaged babies and the ever-curious and playful eebee, deeply immersed in playful, hand-on exploration. The colorful images take children on a fabulous photographic exploration of activities ranging from On and Off with a flashlight to Wet and Dry with a bowl of sparkling water and a fluffy soft towel. Make it Happens shows simple and engaging play ideas with household and everyday objects that make the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Here to There

eebee’s From Here to There adventures is the ideal book for the intrepid and adventurous toddler. This thrilling book is the up, down, and all around adventure for active toddlers who are discovering stairs, slides, and anywhere and everywhere hide and seek games. From Here to There provides parents with exciting and entertaining ideas to help develop motors skills and independence, featuring adorable babies and eebee. From Here to There will take toddlers miles beyond the page!

Oh where do I start with eebee? I have continued to be amazed and impressed with this company and the things that it has taught my daughter. She absolutely loves eebee and goes every where with her eebee puppet, has me read her all of her eebee books every night before bed and loves to watch the DVDs all day long. Our world has been filled with eebee and I am loving it! She has learned colors, opposites and more from this series and with each new product her mind opens to learn more. I love seeing her learn and I love it even more when she runs to grab her big brothers hand and drags him over to the TV to show him what she is watching.

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