The Dirty Shirt

the dirty shirt


I have another great giveaway from the wonderful people at eebee. I really love this company and everything about it. They have really helped my daughter along as she is growing with their DVDs, books and toys. It is one of the only things that she has stuck with, and she knows when she doesn’t have her eebee puppet with her, or we haven’t seen the shows for the day.

I recently got the opportunity to review one of their books and I couldn’t be happier with it and my daughters interaction with eebee.

Laundry Time

Laundry Time Adventures – enjoy soft & fluffy adventures on every page!

There’s a load to learn from doing laundry with eebee! Take the soft towels out of the laundry bag and put them “into the washer.” Spin the peek-a-boo washing-machine wheel to wash the laundry; hang eebee’s pajamas on the line; then put them away in the drawers. When the laundry’s done, tuck eebee under a fluffy, fleece blanket. . . then enjoy creating your own laundry time adventures! Your child will explore words, sounds, and textures; exercise fine-motor skills; play imaginatively. . . and get the laundry done!

My daughter just loved this book, and it has been her favorite since she got it. She crawls up in my lap and says, “Lawndee”, and when she uncovers eebee she laughs like there is no tomorrow, I love that sound. Which brings me back to my original comment about how much I love this company and its products, anytime a product can bring that wonderful laughter sound of my child to my ears gets major props from me.

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