Three Boys and a Dog


I don’t know about most parents, but by child number three, I have had just about all I can take of purple dinosaurs; singing men; and strange, beeping, alien animals! Needless to say, I was THRILLED to try something new! When I received 3 new movies to review fromRebeca at Flair Public Relations, I was so excited that I tore into the package immediately and stuck a movie into the DVD player. You see, Rebeca works with eebee – a children’s media company with a brand new philosophy of teaching our little ones to learn.

dvdcover_figuring_lgOur first movie was “eebee’s adventures: Figuring Things Out!” Voted DVD of the Year by Parenting Magazine!

For ages 12 months (1 year) and up!

Babies learn to turn lights on and off, build towers, and climb mountains!

dvdcover_exploring_lgNext, we watched “eebee’s adventures: Exploring Real Stuff!” Winner of the National Parenting Center, Seal of Approval!

For ages 6 months and up!

Babies learn about the physical world around them by playing with cups, scoops, paper, boxes, balls, and blocks!

dvdcover_daysplay_lgOur third, and final, movie was “eebee’s adventures: All in a Day’s Play!” Winner of a Parent’s Choice Award!

For ages 6 months and up!

This set of adventures celebrates all the unplanned, yet teachable, events in a baby’s life! They explore music with pots, cups, and spoons! Baby can also learn to handle laundry and to create their own special game!

All three movies feature a lady playing with a puppet baby. It also shows real babies playing their own version of the same learning game. I was worried that they would be too young for my almost 3 year old, but he was completely enthralled! Plus, he asks for them regularly!


Mom says: These movies, like any kid show, can get pretty irritating very quickly – but, I learned some new ways to engage my kids in educational play AND Tank LOVES them!

So, you want some, right? You can purchase all three at eebee’s website… right now, you save 10% and get free shipping with your purchase of The eebee threebee!

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