Parents Choice award for eebee’s HAVE A BALL adventures



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eebee’s HAVE A BALL adventures

Fall 2008 Doing & Learning
Ages: 9 months & Up
Adapted By: Colorbridge Books
Author: Sandy Damashek
Illustrator: David Cutting
Illustrator: Paul Colin
Publisher: Sterling Publishing/eebee’s adventures
ISBN: 978140275771-6
Hardcover Price: $14.95

Accept eebee’s invitation to catch his ball and take this timeless toy through a day of bouncing fun. Parents can demonstrate and narrate the action for a baby while toddlers clutch the kid-sized ball and follow the directions. Unlike most balls, this one never gets lost; it’s attached to a string. Play catch, hide the ball behind some pillows, roll it down the slide, toss it in the mesh basket, or transport it in eebee’s wagon to get the adventure rolling. Eebee’s simple crinkle sound effects, a refreshing change from books that accost us with sounds, leave plenty of room for your child to provide the commentary.

Sherry Artemenko   ©2008 Parents’ Choice