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eebee’s Adventure Play Mat and Activity Play House

Spring 2008 Toys
Ages: 6 months – 3 yrs.
Producer: Every Baby Company
Price: $90.00

If simplicity in a toy encourages creativity, then Eebee’s Adventure Play Mat and Activity Playhouse scores big for exploration, imagination and pretend play. Each panel has just enough on it to draw your child into investigating and exploring but doesn’t over stimulate her. The mirror, water window, pop out hole, large colorful Eebee face and window with a peek-a-boo curtain get the action started. There are limited sounds and no lights to distract your child’s curiosity and inhibit later pretend play. Don’t you want a toy that can grow with your child and interest siblings too? Let your 6 month-old baby explore the colorful, textured panels connected in a flat mat on the floor and as she grows, pick up the panels to make a house or corral, while later, invite her to build a structure herself, topped with a roof. There is no limit to creative play as your child reveals the velcro on the panel edges to connect the pieces, pops out the circle that’s firm enough to use as a toddler’s seat, and peeks through the window to chat with the outside world.

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