Baby Brandon’s Adventures: Eebee’s Adventures Children’s Book Review & Giveaway

baby brandon

Brandon still loves books and his book collection on his bookshelf continues to grow. I received the opportunity to review the following Eebee’s Adventures Books from Sterling Publishing:

* Eebee’s Adventures All About Me and You
* Eebee’s Adventures Make It Happen

Who is Eebee? He’s a cute and colorful character who entertains and educates babies and children through books, toys, and DVDs. Brandon likes the bright, colorful pictures and it keeps him interested. He learned pretty quick and already started to tell me the stories through pictures and what he sees in the pictures. I think the books help him expand his imagination and this is really great. I hope to purchase the DVD collection for Brandon this Christmas. I’m sure he’ll enjoy them.

Eebee’s Adventures All About Me and You!: Head-to-Toe Adventures for Your Baby. Start Anywhere. Go Anywhere!

It’s a book…and a game, too! All About Me and You is an adventure all about eebee’s—and every baby’s—body. Each page features a specially designed interactive board game: just unfold the book-sized mirror and baby can “look and play” along with eebee, making funny faces, throwing kisses, waving and clapping, and wriggling fingers. For extra fun, grown-ups can come up with their own ideas, too, based on their child’s interests and personality. Best of all, these entertaining activities exercise baby’s social, motor, language, and thinking skills!

Eebee’s Adventures Make It Happen: A Hands-on Adventure with Opposites (Every Baby Eebee’s Adventures)

In this hands-on adventure, eebee and playmates celebrate the fact that every baby learns through play and interaction. On each page, curious toddlers join eebee to Make It Happen by exploring big ideas and concepts, including up and down through a game of baby bowling; one, more, and many by playfully ripping a piece of paper to create bright confetti; on and off with a flashlight; wet and dry with a rubber duckie and a towel; and open and closed with this very book.

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