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Eebee was a Christmas present for my just turned two year old, beloved grandson, Julian Rutolo Dietrich Cannon. Eebee looked almost tenderly tucked into his box, when he arrived. I had removed the plastic bag he’d been further enclosed in; layering colored tissue paper in, and around Eebee until he looked just like he was nestled inside his own little bed.

Eebee himself, looks very real. In fact, he looks so much like his real t.v. self, one expects him to talk with his wide opened mouth. Actually, the wideness of that opened mouth was the only thing i didn’t care for so much. But, that’s a design thing. Nothing to do with quality. And everything about Eebee speaks to quality.

Favorite thing about the Eebee doll: the yellow knit pants he wears. They look homemade, and absolutely really like the one’s Eebee wears on t.v. every day and night. In fact Eebee is so lovingly made, I immediately decided to make every effort to keep him clean and loved and special. He looks like something one might like to save for future generations.

Eebee’s new human, baby brother, Julian, now shares his crib with him at night, and wants him downstairs close by, during the day.

Eebee, and the Eebee show, is a calm, nurturing, gentle show reminiscent of Mr. Rodgers. It quickly became one of Julian’s favorite shows. However finding the Eebee figurine wasn’t so easy at first. My family couldn’t find him in the stores and malls. However when I went online, I found him in no time.

All in all, I’d say Eebee’s a worthwhile present/product. He’s well made and reasonably priced. Plus, he arrived quickly, despite any Christmas rush.

The only thing missing is something that can’t possibly be included: that would be, Eebee’s pretend, T.V. Mommy.

In my humble opinion: I heartily recommend both the show and the doll, to parents at home.

C. Rutolo Dietrich

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Product Description:
From grab-able hair to multicolored, velvety plush arms and legs and huggable softness, this 12″ eebee doll brings the adventures home for every baby.Inspired by the award-winning DVD series, eebee toys are designed with the idea that there are unlimited ways to play and explore. From the gentle smile of recognition to the joyous squeals of discovery, eebee toys set the stage for rich, creative and imaginative play.

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