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The DVD eebees adventures “Figuring Things Out” was a great experience for my 18 month old daughter to watch. During the “on the move” segment my daughter stood up and started to interact with finding the ball on the screen. My daughter was able to take part though-out the whole DVD because of the creative segments and colorful environment provided. During the segment “moving head and body” my daughter started to climb
and push her toys around. It was so cute to see my daughter have fun while learning, discovering her surroundings and her body movements.

The music was easy for an adult to listen to as well as for my 18 month old. The voice of the woman interacting with the Muppet was easy to listen to and encouraging for a mother to mimic the same fun and soft interactive qualities with their children. I know I got on my hands and knees acting excited about things I normally would not get to excited about. It was a great Mommy and me time with my daughter.

The Children in the DVD were very effective with grabbing my daughter’s attention. As soon as she saw a little child playing she would stop and focus on the screen. She loves seeing other children play. I also enjoyed the short segments; it helped with my daughter’s short attention span.

I would recommend this DVD to children under the age of 2 years old. I would also recommend this DVD as a great calm down DVD before a nap or Bed time. This DVD was very soothing and calming. It is also a great interactive DVD to help children to focus and get involved without overwhelming the child. This is a great DVD for young children.

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