Mom to Bed by 8: He’s All Boy ~ eebee’s adventures DVD Review

Based on the latest research on how babies learn and grow, eebee’s adventures focus on the important developmental skills that form the foundation for all future learning.

Each adventure with eebee is designed to help you and your baby transform everyday play into learning that lasts. Filled with real-world situations that babies can actually understand, build on and learn from. These adventures guide both you and your baby along the exciting path of social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills development.

I was excited when I got the chance to review ebbee’s Dvds with my children. My baby girl is almost six months old and at just the right age to enjoy watching this interactive DVD. Even my youngest son that is almost three loves watching and playing along with eebee!

I love the simple and fun ways eebee’s adventures transforms everyday play into a learning experience for my children. They really do love to watch it! I snapped a picture of my little guy with his baby sister cuddled up watching eebee’s adventures…too cute!

The best thing is that eebee’s adventures really do capture and keep my baby’s attention (which isn’t always easy to accomplish.) They explore everyday situations from laundry time to play time in this DVD. I also love that they offer other DVD’s like Exploring real stuff and Figuring things out! I know these titles would be great to add to our collection as well. You can also get eebee’s adventures toys and books for your little ones. We have the eebee’s adventures Mix and Mash book and DVD too.My kids really love watching eebee explore in the kitchen and the book has all the recipes as well.

eebee’s adventures offers much more than DVDs. They also have a wonderful line of toys, books, clothing and music to keep your child entertained with eebee. I would highly recommend eebee’s adventures to any parent with babies or toddlers. They are fun, educational and help give your baby the best start in early learning!

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