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#Eebee’s Adventures – Figuring Things Out#

My nephew, Damien, and I watched Eebee’s Adventures – Figuring Things Out a couple hours ago and he enjoyed this one even more than the last one we watched. This DVD was filled with fun things to do with your toddler. In the beginning there are piles of pillows on the floor and the lady hides the ball in different places around the pillows and asks Eebee to find the ball. This not only teaches a child how to look for different objects but also teaches coordination when moving things around. This video also teaches children how to turn lights on and off, including flashlights. One of my favorite parts was when they focused on shadows. I can remember being a child and being fascinated with making shadow puppets. Damien’s favorite part was when they taught how to make things taller. On the TV, they were stacking up blocks but at the same time Damien was stacking up legos. This is an adorable way to enrich your child’s mind and the best part is, your child can use these skills in everyday life for the rest of his/her life. I highly recommend Eebee’s Adventure’s.


Product Overview

eebee’s adventures take you and your baby beyond letters, numbers and simple shapes. eebee’s adventures start with questions such as: How do I…? What happens when …? What if I…? What if you…? What if it…? Based on the latest research on how babies learn and grow, eebee’s adventures focus on the important developmental skills that form the foundation for all future learning. eebee’s adventures encourage active learning-they are all about DOING! Each adventure is designed to help you and your baby transform everyday play and exploration into learning that lasts. Filled with real-world situations that babies can actually understand, build on and learn from, these adventures guide both you and your baby along the exciting path of social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills development. From turning a light on and off to building towers to scaling a pillow mountain, this series of adventures focuses on the learning that happens when a baby’s developing motor skills support her natural curiosity and new found independence. (12 months and up)

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