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Clap Your Hands for Eebee’s New Adventures in Music & Sound Baby DVD

Eebee's Adventures Music & Sounds Educational DVDCatchy tunes, colorful sets, familiar props, and lots and lots of babies.  That’s the easiest way to sum up the newEebees Adventures Music & Soundbaby DVD, and it’s the perfect recipe to engage, entertain and, dare I say educate babies and toddlers about the wonders of sound and music.

The star of the baby video is Eebee, a puppet who looks like he walked off the set of Sesame Street, but it’s the babies who steal the spotlight.  It’s like having a fun playdate without having to leave your house, and there are all sorts of babies for your little one to learn from–young babies and older babies, babbling babies and toddlers using real words, and babies from all sorts of cultural backgrounds.

That diversity alone is a good reason to buy the DVD, but the interaction between the children and everyday objects like plastic bowls and spoons and sneakers with Velcro straps to make noise is also fun to watch.  My 22 month-old was clapping, banging and tapping right along with the children on the program, and after watching it she continued to make noise with other objects around the house.

The DVD is a good reminder that it doesn’t take much to amuse my daughter, and more importantly how easy it is to turn the most mundane thing into a fun learning experience.

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