Eebee’s Adventures : Family and Life in Las Vegas

Eebee!  Eebee!  Eebee! Eebee!

It was until this October at the ABC Kids Expo that Squish and I were introduced to Eebee’s Adventures.  And I really feel like we were missing out!

Eebee’s Adventures is a super fun.  Their basic philosophy is Every Baby Learns By Doing.  I love that, and honestly couldn’t agree more.

Eebee Baby Dvds takes baby through real life and practical applications of everyday experiences.  Crinkle, Bang, Roll, Shake, Squish, these are the cause and effect playtime activities your child will engage in while watching Eebee and friends.

What I love most about these Dvds is they are so simple, and yet so educational at the same time.  Not educational in the “memorize these letters” type of way, but education through learning.  Each time we watch one of Eebee’s Adventures, Squish and I like to re-create what we are seeing on the TV.

"Giveaway" "Family and Life in Las Vegas" "Toddler Play" "Toddler Dvd"

We got review three Dvds – all three of which we have a blast watching (Squish pays attention a lot longer when these Dvds are on).  Each Dvd takes your child through a series of practical, real-life, hands on games.  From rolling a ball, to making music with spoons, Eebee Baby adventures takes everyday plan and turns it into learning.  But they do so in a fun way that keeps babies and toddlers engaged and learning.  Unlike some kids dvds that seem to talk at your baby, Eebee talks to and with your baby.

I tend to pull these videos out on days when we weren’t able to get out of the house.  It breaks up the day and I feel like each time he does watch one of the videos he sees something new.  It was very easy to recreate the situations in the video and make it a real interactive learning experience!

"Giveaway" "Family and Life in Las Vegas" "Toddler Play"

Scooping in and Dumping out!!

"Giveaway" "Family and Life in Las Vegas" "Toddler Play"

Of course, some of them got eaten too!!

"Giveaway" "Family and Life in Las Vegas" "Toddler Play"

Paper and Box Play

"Giveaway" "Family and Life in Las Vegas" "Toddler Play"

Eebee Playing in the Box

"Giveaway" "Family and Life in Las Vegas" "Toddler Play"

Having tons of Fun!

"Giveaway" "Family and Life in Las Vegas" "Toddler Play"

Rolling Balls down a slide into the box

"Giveaway" "Family and Life in Las Vegas" "Toddler Play"

We really do love Eebee Baby Adventures.  On the Squishy Rating scale these rate an:


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