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I cannot tell you about how Eebee’s Adventures without telling you a little bit about life before watching Eebee’s Adventures!

My Dilemma: How do I Interact with my child?

The pressure of learning ABCs and 123s got me trying to cram it down her 10 month old brain. We bought building blocks for her to play with. Here I was as a first time mom sitting down on the floor trying to show her the alphabet and the numbers on the blocks. I was trying to “play” with her and show her these things! My heart was thinking:

I do not want her to be the only one who does not know the alphabet or know her numbers! So we best start early!

After ten minutes of failing, I succumbed to having her throw around the blocks. I even stacked up the blocks to show her how to “build”. My focus was on trying to have her “Build” and was not even catching on to the fact that she was experiencing a different level of Playing and Learning that I did not even notice or understand.

By far the only time I really had her attention was when I was reading a certain book that contained things to touch, and for me—animals to breath life into. What I mean is she was able to touch and feel different textures and I was able to “Moo” and “Quack” and “Pock Pock Pock—Cock a Doodle Doo”. She gravitated to this book and we had hours of fun. To her this was her play and learning time. She interacted and all was great. But one can sit down and read a book for so long before both of you gets tired of quacking and mooing. Little did I know that “touching” and “sounds” were a gateway to her learning!

  • My dilemma was How do I interact with my child?

She gets bored with toys and throws them around and does not exactly play with them. I simply did not know what she was capable of doing. Or how to go about “playing” with her. We’d do a couple of things here and there, but in reality I was at a loss. I had some experience babysitting, but as far as something on a daily basis? I was at a loss!

  • Another question I had was “What can I expect from my little one?”

Of course I play with her, but sometimes even it’s like I am reaching to the edges of my brain to figure out “HOW” to incorporate learning into all the playing that is age appropiate? Playing with my daughter on a daily basis gets difficult for me. As a first time mom I run out of fresh ideas easily. I needed inspiration!

My Inspiration:

The answers came to me when I searched through Netflix to find a children’s show for her to watch while I did some of my own errands around the house. Eebee’s Adventures? Never heard of it, but it was worth a shot since some of the other children&rsquo’s shows never really got her attention and was not age appropriate for her.

One short episode was all it took for my daughter to be hooked. My daughter was encaptivated by all the different ways to make “music and sound”. To be honest the activities you do during the show gives any mom simple and fun ideas. And yes, I mean activities YOU as a parent will do during the show. I find it ever so hard NOT to participate along with my daughter! I run to the kitchen to grab pots and pans and lid and dish cloths so that we can play along.

We were super excited to be able to Review Three Dvds of Eebees Adventures!

All in a Day’s Play was Sophie’s favorite out of the three. I believe it is our favorite because it features playing with laundry and the kitchen pots and pans–we do this almost daily! There is never day without a basket full of laundry to whirl around and play peekaboo in. She also just gravitated towards the song, “It’s all in your hands”.

Shadow Puppets!

Figuring Things Out. Sophie gravitated towards the light switch and learned how to go through things. I made a couple of things to go with this DVD like these Shadow Puppets! You turn on a flashlight and your child can see a shadow in the shape of something. Either way she’s noticing her shadow now when we walk outside and her shadow appears on the ground. Also she has learned to “go through” things too! After watching this adventure with Eebee a couple of times, I found her playing in the tunnel one day! She went through the tunnel and stacked her toys in it. It’s our Cats’ tunnel that is attached to the scratching post. It’s big enough for her to go through without being stuck so I was okay with it for a day or two before moving it out of our play area.

Exploring Real Stuff was great too! We just bought a box of Cherrios for us to eat…and play around with. We have made it “rain” with cherrios and am working on picking up some off of the floor. I recommend getting a tub to do this activity! She has had a blast playing with paper as Eebee does in this episode! I think this episode has a lot of great ideas for us to do hands on with ordinary things that lie around the house. The only thing is it left quite a display on our floor having paper all over! It was fun watching her play with the paper!

Eebee’s Adventures taught me how to engage my daughter in active playing and learning. There was no pressure to learn and memorize ABCs or 123s. Together we discovered loud and soft sounds, light and dark, our hands, gravity and so much more. We focused on discovering the world and I learned that that that is what I need to expect from her–to be a little explorer.

One thing we did was Discover Sound as a result of Eebee’s Adventures DVDs:

One of our favorite activities that we did along with Eebee was discovering sounds. What makes a loud sound? How do I make a loud sound? I pulled out our pots and pans and ladles and started making “loud” music. Put a dish towel on top and the sound was “Soft and Quiet”. I loved it! Loved it so much because she was learning about soft and loud sounds. No pressure too!

Here’s another fun activity involving sound discovered by my daughter: Eebee was playing with shakers and shaking them to make a “Chhh…Chh… Chhh…” sound. We had our Building blocks scattered on the floor. Sophie held a block in each hand and struck them together. It did not make the “Chh” sound it made a “Tap! Tap! Tap!” sound. She came up to me with delight! Tap Tapping those blocks together. I took blocks in my hand and said the words “Tap! Tap! Tap!”. She was so excited I wished I could have had a video camera recording this! She discovered this not me. Silly me thought these were Building ABC Blocks. These are definitely “Tap-Tapping Sound Blocks”.

Tap Tap Tap!

Eebee’s Adventures encourages Conceptual Learning:

A light bulb switched in my brain, “Babies learn by doing and experiencing”.

They are creative discoverers of the world. I have to say that it takes a child’s viewpoint to see that pots and pans as musical instruments. It is the every day, ordinary, little things that my daughter does that encourage me to capture that moment and make it into a learning experience.

For example she gets into an outdated newspaper. She does this a lot. I usually say “No” but this time I remember something from watching Eebees DVD and allow her to play with it under my supervision. Crinkle crinkle Rrriiippp!! Do you hear that Sophie? Again she plays around with it. Crinkle crinkle Rrriiippp!! What’s that sound? She rips it into tiny pieces but that’s okay. Let’s count how many pieces you got! Wow you made TWO pieces of paper!

Conclusion and Two Video clips:

Alright so you know I am such a big fan of Eebees Adventures. I love that the DVDs really inspire me in ways I can play with my daughter. Eebees Adventures is just rich and stock full of good things for your child. It is interactive and engaging. She loves the music and has learned a lot from watching Eebee. For me as a parent I find it an invaluable tool for learning how to play with my daughter and a rich source for project playtime ideas for my child.

I know that it does take some time getting used to Eebee Baby. It is very different because Eebee is a baby too! He coos and talks like a baby and has an eye catching colorful hair do. I know my 16 year old sister in law does think Eebee is weird, but that’s just because she has not yet had a baby! I think her whole outlook will change once she gets kids of her own! I am pretty sure that she will be asking to borrow these Dvds when she starts having kids.

Eebees Adventures is something I recommend for any household with little babies. I recommend this especially for first time parents too!


By watching Eebee she has learned how to Peek a boo! I was video taping this for you all and she did it! 🙂 I apologize in advance for the dark video I hope you can see it! Also the off key singing–I get into it at times….

This is her favorite Song from “All in a Day’s Play” DVD. So thankful that in the DVD bonus section there is a Music Category! I can easily access this song for her to clap to:

Where to get Eebees Adventures and Stay Connected:

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