large eebee





the FAMILEEBEE — $103 ($122 full retail value)

17" eebee doll
From grab-able hair to multicolored, velvety plush arms and legs and huggable softness, this eebee brings the adventures home for every baby.

shape fits eebee
if the SHAPE FITS eebee is not an ordinary stacking toy. Itís a playful, interactive adventure with shapes, colors and sizes to stack, fit, share, compare and “wear.”

snuggle time
Snuggle Time eebee a soft, richly textured, and colorful friend is designed to engage your baby in a range of simple games and explorations, from hugging to gentle tugging, from peek-a-boo to puppet-time with you.

peek a boo eebee
Peek-a-boo eebee is designed for the playful and curious baby. Just pull eebee's cord to set this interactive game in motion. The gently vibrating eebee will lift and lower the towel to engage your baby. Peek-a-boo! Peek-ee-bee!!

eebee puppet
Incredibly soft, colorful, and fully-lined, this 12" eebee hand puppet features both puppet-able hands and mouth for creating the maximum in expressive interactions.