make it happen

here to there


all about me



LIBRAREEBEE — $ 45 ($56 full retail value)

make it happen book
Unlike many “opposites” books that feature abstract concepts, Make it Happen celebrates opposites by changing the world (at least from a baby’s point a view) through play, in true eebee style!

here to there book
As every parent knows, toddlers are on the go, go, go! From Here to There is the ideal book for the intrepid and adventurous toddler.

peek a boo book
play peek-a-boo with eebee on every soft-cloth page! Your baby’s adventures begin on the cover! Open and close the curtains: Where’s eebee?

bath time adventures
bathtub water-play book: squeeze! squirt! splash! creative water play. From playing with water to playing with words, this adventure is sure to float your baby’s boat!

all about me & you adventures
adventures board book with mirror: it’s a book! it’s a game! It’s an adventure all about eebee’s body, and your baby’s body, too.

mix & mash book
Now parents of babies and toddlers can play a game, build nutritional skills, and have story time — all while feeding their baby!