figuring things out

have a ball set

exploring real things

figuring things out — $68 ($82 Full Retail Value)

shape fits eebee
if the SHAPE FITS eebee is not an ordinary stacking toy. It’s a playful, interactive adventure with shapes, colors and sizes to stack, fit, share, compare and “wear.”

Figuring Things Out DVD
Reflecting the day to day challenges and discoveries that define a toddler’s world, FIGURING THINGS OUT showcases what can happen when a child’s newfound motor skills support her natural curiosity and interest in making things work and achieving goals.

have a ball set
One ball with a separate cylinder center, another with easy to grasp eebee-like handles, and a wheel that rolls (or a disk that slides!), provide baby and parents with countless variations on the classic learning adventure of rolling a ball.

Exploring Real Stuff DVD
In this series of adventures, EXPLORING REAL STUFF, eebee and playmates explore a range of materials and everyday objects with the simple and enticing goal of finding out what these things are like. “What do things feel like?” “What sounds do they make?” “How do they move?” “Are they heavy or light?” “What can I do to them?” These are just a few of the questions eebee and friends actively take on.