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Adventures for a baby? Absolutely. Every day. Everywhere. Every baby...and NOW, any time!

eebee’s adventures take you and your baby beyond letters, numbers and simple shapes. eebee’s adventures start with questions such as: How do I…? What happens when…? What if I…? What if you…? What if it…?

From the “art” of exploring textures to the “science” of rolling a ball, eebee’s adventures are all about DOING! And doing is how babies learn and grow. Join eebee, real babies and grown-ups and take your baby on an adventure.


adventure: Brimming with Ideas


adventure: WATER PLAY: Going with the Flow


adventure: Laundry List of Ideas


adventure: The Light Bulb Goes On (Light and Shadow play and exploration)


adventure: Sounds of Music (creative singing and sound-making)


adventure: WATER PLAY: Fountain of Ideas