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eebee’s ADVENTURES developmental toys for
babies and toddlers!

Classic play with a modern developmental twist

Inspired by the award-winning DVD series, eebee toys are designed with the idea that there are unlimited ways to play and explore. From the gentle smile of recognition to the joyous squeals of discovery, eebee toys set the stage for rich, creative and imaginative play.


Peek-a-boo eebee — $14.95

Peek-a-boo eebee is designed for the playful and curious baby. Just pull eebee's cord to set this interactive game in motion. The gently vibrating eebee will lift and lower the towel to engage your baby. Peek-a-boo! Peek-ee-bee!!

Just You & Me, a collection of mini-adventures, designed for a baby, grown-up and only the most basic materials, demonstrate that babies learn in the simplest situations: figuring out what will happen in game of "elevator" or "airplane;" hearing the same story read different ways; or playing silly games that reinforce social, emotional and cognitive skills.

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eebee’s adventures PLAY MAT& ACTIVITY PLAY HOUSE
a play mat that truly grows with your baby


parents choice gold award
Winner Parents’ Choice Gold Award

eebee’s Adventure Play mat & Activity Play House — $90.00

From the gentlest tummy time activities to the most imaginative toddler time explorations, this unique adventure play mat easily transforms into an activity playhouse to provide an ever-growing interactive learning environment for every baby. As shown in flat position, this soft and stimulating mat measures 3 feet x 4.5 feet.

With its bold colors, range of textures, and six large 18” x 18” different, engaging and simply re- configured discovery panels, this play mat sets the skill-developing scene for countless learning adventures.

Tactile explorations.. mirror play...push-pull games...inside, outside, over and, close...and an exciting range of peek-a-boo variations are just a few of the games you can play as you exercise your baby’s motor, social and thinking skills.

Whether you set out the discovery panels as a mat, in a row, as individual play stations, as a “tunnel” or a “house,” a simple change in the position of any panel—from left to right, top to bottom, inside to outside, first to last—will provide you and your baby with new games to play and opportunities to learn. Panels attach easily with Velcro tabs. Includes handy zippered storage bag. For ages 3-36 months.

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